We perform logistics

…so that you can focus on doing business

We set goals, we action, we measure, we improve and perfect, we perform and we get recognized by our peers for the value we bring to our customers and business partners. Our promise is to relentlessly seek to improve, innovate and bring the future of logistics closer to our customers.

Year Organization / Event Award Name
2015 LINK – AGM Amsterdam “Outstanding Member Award”
2014 LINK – AGM Sydney “Top Performance Award”
2013 LINK – AGM Dubai “Top Performance Award”
2013 LINK – AGM Dubai “Best Host Award”
2012 LINK “Top Star – Overall Stellar Performance Award”
2012 LINK “Best in Sales” – Top Overall Rating for Sales Development
2012 LINK “Best in Communications” – Top Overall Rating for 2012
2012 LINK “Best in Operations” – Top Overall Rating for 2012
2012 LINK “Best in Finance” – Top Overall Rating for 2012
2011 LINK “Top Performance Award”
2010 LINK “Top Performance Award”
2009 LINK “Top Performance Award”


“In January 2013, following a systematic audit,  Time World Freight received United Nations vendor status. Time World Freight is now certified to pursue business with United Nation Procurement Division under the Vendor No. 35889.”

Time World Freight received FPAL Certification and it is now fully registered as a supplier on the Achilles First Point Assessment Database for suppliers to the Oil & Gas Industry for the provision of freight forwarding, logistics and warehousing services commencing Jan 2014.”

Time World Freight has been recognized as a fully qualified and proficient freight forwarder and logistics provider by Dubai Tourism Department. Since 2013, DTCM and DFRE have awarded Time World Freight  their complex freight forwarding and logistics contract which continues till date.”